An Unexpected Happiness- Encountering Old Students Away from Home

宣道中學: 吳聲展校長






Assistant Principal Alfred Suen conducting group game with students at Bahuy AGS Primary School


Principal Aaron Wong speaking on Sharing Christian Value in Education with teachers of Bahuy AGS Primary School


Principal Isaac Liu sharing at the alumni & students fellowship Bahuy AGS Primary School


Principal of Christian Alliance College: Ted Ng

  It was a wonderful trip! I did not expect that I encountered two of my former students within the 6 day trip in the kingdom I first visited. They were Mandy and Yuki who were my students when I was teaching in two previous schools. Mandy, who serves in Cambodia, is now an International Member of AGS. Yuki, who left her teaching job, spent a year teaching and spreading Good News to children there. I felt grateful for their response to the calling and was deeply touched by their devotion to their faith and service for God. Yuki’s sharing reminded me two hymns-“I Know Who Holds the Future” and “Determined to Offer”

When we were about to go, Yuki gave me a wishing-star card which was written,” God has His plan on you when He lets you meet us in this study trip.” (This kind of card was one of the Principal’s welcoming gift to all my students at school last year.) Yes, it is right. “With God things don’t just happen. Everything by Him is planned.” I am still not sure what God speaks to me from encountering two former students. I still need to rethink again and again. I am sure that they were there in my teaching path and I am so glad of their mind and commitment to God. I look forward to students of Christian Alliance College to determine to offer themselves at the altar and serve the needy people with all their talents being called and touched the same from God.

  Cambodia is still a developing country. The teens may not have the education opportunity. There is a limited resource in the government education policy. Teachers with low incomes have to work part-time. The school facilities are not enough and the learning environment is not ideal. However, I found many religious organisations and different Christian denominations offering their help in educational field here in recent years. As time goes, God would let their seed grow and show them a good harvest. AGS is going to build a secondary school in Pailin. May God’s abundant blessings be here as they start the construction work smoothly to let more new generations receive education and know God.

  Children in Cambodia are pure and polite. They love going to school and are interested in learning. They have an open heart to the Good News. There are over 40 alumni from the fellowship of Bahuy AGS Primary School. I saw sunshine on the poor land, the new generation is growing. The teens are the hope of the future. I pray to God for His mercy and abundant blessings over this kingdom which had a tear-dropped past to have a transformation by the spreading of Good News and the education.